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The Born Again Virgin - A Novel by Stephanie Zia

a novel by Stephanie Zia
PAPERBACK ISBN-10 1482541114 ISBN 13 978-1482541113
CATEGORIES: Fiction/Contemporary Women 
PUBLISHER: Blackbird Digital Books, London 

"A beautiful life interrupted then healed by the songs of Leonard Cohen." 

Rock chick widow Sally Lightfoot, 50, is challenged to get back out there and lose her wididity, her born-again virginity, before she crumbles into sexless middle age. But why would she want to go through the dating hell her daughter Ami was going through? With added flabby bits? The chances of a stray suddenly-single Daniel Craig type passing her way were next to zero anyway. Let alone one who’d be interested in a short, mixed-up 50 year old who had not only misplaced her waistline but was still madly in love with her dead husband.

But when she braves a solo holiday to the traffic-free Greek isle of Hydra, island of choice for affluent old hippies, Sally falls under the spell of a singer of Leonard Cohen songs who has more than a few problems of his own when it comes to growing up. They get on so well and he awakens parts of Sally that she’d forgotten she ever possessed. If she could, she most definitely would. But why would he when he has the pick of the turnover of girls who come to the island all through the summer? There's only one way to find out. Sally must face her deepest fears of rejection and make the first move. Before it's too late and her chance has passed forever.

A tender, moving story of a widow’s journey from grief to acceptance to moving forwards in her life in a world where sex is everywhere but death is still the great taboo.

"A new voice in contemporary British fiction."

“One minute this book has the reader laughing out loud, the next we are sobbing. Romantic, hilarious, engaging and highly perceptive.” THE WRITING COACH

“Last night I finished it before my cats got fed.” ELIZABETH BACON-SMITH

“An awesome read. Well written and highly entertaining.” GEEKY GIRL REVIEWS

“The character development is amazing. Sally grows so much once she starts to revaluate herself and regroup herself as a woman and mother. The book has an intensity that shows up at each page.” MURPHY’S LIBRARY

“As with a coming of age story, those who are going through a similar situation can take comfort in the fact that the difficulties are universal. Those who have already been there (and those convinced they never will) can laugh at Sally’s foibles.” TOP US BOOK BLOG REVIEWER BIG AL AT BIG AL’S BOOKS & PALS

“A wonderful story about a woman learning to find herself again. It did remind me a little of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but it was different enough to stand on its own merits and be enjoyable. If you enjoy a book that takes you on an emotional roller coaster while rooting for the main character, this is the book for you.” LITERARY R&R

“This is the best book ever. That’s the only way to describe it!” RITA REVIEWS

Formerly titled Ten Good Reasons To Lie About Your Age

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