Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travels With Tinkerbelle - 6,000 Miles Around France In A Mechanical Wreck

The author and her husband devised a simple plan – to take a tent and the dog and drive around the perimeter of France. Like many simple plans it went wrong before it started and they ended up with two dogs and a campervan named Tinkerbelle.

On the second day of their journey Tinkerbelle begins to self-destruct, helped by the new dog who does his best to eat her from the inside out. This is their story, as they travel from sandy beaches to snow-topped mountains exploring the diverse cultures, cuisines and countryside making up the country called France. Their journey takes them to places out of the ordinary, meeting interesting characters and witnessing ancient traditions. While the dogs rejoice in the freedom they find running on the beaches, Susie and Terry spend a lot of time holding their breath, wondering whether Tinkerbelle will manage to negotiate impossible mountain routes and get them home before she completely disintegrates. 

Like Susie's other bestselling books – Best Foot Forward: A 500 Mile Walk Through Hidden France and The Valley of Heaven and Hell: Cycling In The Shadow of Marie Antoinette, Travels with Tinkerbelle is a mixture of travel and history sprinkled with Susie's unique, opinionated but self-depreciating humour.

Travels with Tinkerbelle is a revision of  A Perfect Circle, previously published by Transworld Publishers. Enhanced features of this edition include links to more information about the most significant places visited on the trip and an accompanying on-line photograph album.  


Available in ebook and Paperback

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Images: A variety of photos from the trip available here.

Guest blog posts:   Extracts from the book make perfect stand-alone travel pieces.

Interviews: Susie is as entertaining in person as she is in print and would make a lively guest on any talk show. She lives in the wilds of SW France but is available for telephone and online interviews

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