Monday, January 7, 2013

 Book of The Month - January 2013

TITLE: Celebrity Cat Names - Cat Tales Of The Rich & Famous
AUTHOR: Christina Hamilton
PUBLISHER: Blackbird Digital Books
GENRES: Pets, Entertainment, Celebrity Biography, History

Discover the sometimes strange and bizarre names of favourite celebrities’ cats in a book bursting with photos, stories, poignant tributes, cat quotes and poems. From Cleopatra’s Charmain To Robert Downey Jnr's Dartanian; from Thomas Hardy's Kiddleywinkempoops to Frank Zappa’s Fightey Bitey.

Zelda Fitzgerald

True tales of famous cat lovers, past and present from Kim Kardashian & Beyoncé to Pope Benedict XV1 & Harry Styles; from Horace Walpole to Andy Warhol & Holly Willoughby:

* Who named all his cats Sam?

* What is the truth, exactly, about Isaac Newton’s invention of the cat flap and did he really have a cat called Spitface?

* Which famous medieval French Cardinal revealed his black sense of humour when he named his cats Ludovic Le Cruel and Lucifer?

* Who had a cat called Joss Stick?

* Why does a famous National Trust property always have a marmalade cat called Jock permanently in residence?

* Which American rapper called his cats Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra?

* Who named their cats 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 8, and why did he miss out 6?

* Which famous author called cats love sponges?

* Can you guess why Pope Benedict XVI used to leave the Vatican late at night and all alone?

A fun, diverse mixture of historical and contemporary celebrities, chock full of gorgeous cat photos.

Available from Jan 3rd worldwide on Kindle and in Paperback

Kindle: Introductory offer 99c/77p/E0,77  USA  UK
Paperback:  $12.85/£7.95/E9,75 USA  UK
ISBN-10: 1481882155
ISBN-13: 978-1481882156

Review copies available in all ebook formats.

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