Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry... by Susie Kelly

"There are a handful of authors who achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it's James Herriot, Bill Bryson and Susie Kelly." French EntrĂ©e Magazine, June 2013

PAPERBACK ISBN-13:978-1484955956 ISBN-10:1484955951 
CATEGORIES: Memoir; Travel, Kenya; Child Abuse [emotional]; Dysfunctional Families; Families & Parents, Divorce
PUBLISHER: Blackbird Digital Books, London

With uncompromising honesty and hints of her usual humour, the author describes emigrating, from post-war London in every shade of grey to the technicolour splendour of Kenya, as part of a dysfunctional family. From profound lows to sublime highs, the one constant is her pony, Cinderella. You may shed a tear at her losses, and you will almost certainly be shocked and appalled by what she does for the love of Cinderella. 
Readers will shed a tear at her losses and laugh at her predicaments. This book gives a moving and often shocking insight in the the earlier life of the bestselling French travel writer.

"Reading her books is like listening to relaxing music." Amazon US 5*

“Much of this book is set in 1950s-60s Kenya – a place and era I knew virtually nothing about, and it was these parts especially that I felt appeared ‘in Technicolor’… Even a ‘roughty toughty’ bloke like me couldn’t help but be swept up by the emotional rollercoaster towards the end.” Amazon US 5*

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