Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LONDON Sept 24 2013 - New live/interactive guidebook A London Steal - The Fabulous On-A-Budget Guide To London's Hidden Chic reveals the affordable fashion haunts, shops, charity shops, cafes, clubs and bars of the savvyest young Londoners.

LONDON Sept 24 2013 - West London fashion author/illustrator Elle Ford, 22, teams up with East London radio DJ and freelance writer Irune 'Ru' Chamberlain, 24, to produce A London Steal blog and radio show to accompany Elle's new guidebook A London Steal - The Fabulous On-A-Budget Guide To London's Hidden Chic (Blackbird Digital Books 2013). 

Chelsea/Mayfair chic meets Shoreditch/Hoxton cool 

Elle Ford & Ru Chamberlain

The 'Stealers' core audience of young creatives and London locals, always eager to be first in on the latest word-of-mouth hotspots, are joined by students and cash-strapped tourists who won't have to compromise on style or veer off budget to gain the most authentic, and affordable, experience of London's coolest hangouts. 

Elle Ford isn't waiting till she's 40 to be fabulous.  Elle, 21, was studying history at Exeter university and working as publishing intern when she had her book idea accepted by start-up digital publishing company Blackbird Digital Books. They immediately recognised her drive and talent  and, in the spirit of the new digital publishing age, were able to act quickly to bring it to publication as an ebook and paperback. The blog and radio show, hosted by Shoreditch DJ and freelance writer Irune 'Ru' Chamberlain, features the best £10 & under steals/free events in town: one-off happenings, shows, club nights, gigs, pop-up-shops, happy hour deals, vintage/charity shop steals along with young London news & current affairs and a seriously eclectic music playlist. Stealers who email/Tweet# their best steal finds to @alondonsteal win prizes.

How to have the Made In Chelsea lifestyle without being "in" Diamonds. Elle spotted the gap in the guidebook market whilst still a student: "London is one of the most vibrant, chic, alternative and culturally international cities on the planet. It’s also famously expensive. A London Steal started as the accumulation of my work in Vintage fashion around Central and club PR in Mayfair. 

"There are very few lengths to which I will not go to keep my subscription to Vogue magazine." 

Review of the book by consumer journalist Penny GoLightly here.  

Charity shopping

A London Steal - The Fabulous On A Budget Guide To London's Hidden Chic
ISBN-10: 1484833120
ISBN-13: 978-1484833124

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